After being at a meeting this morning, I was thinking about the joy of this journey we share.  Every one in my group was some one who has become very close to my heart.  But I also thought about all those who haven’t wandered into the recovery rooms yet and want to remember them too.  We must hold in our hearts all people.  Every person alive, in fact.  Those we consider enemies as well as friends we simply have not met yet.

I titled this post each day is a new beginning for two reasons.  One, each day does offer us as many opportunities as we have encounters to make a difference in the life of some one.  And also because it’s the title of my first book and it launched me into a life of service.  But the way I interpret service isn’t just with the  friends in the rooms.  Because of my change of heart,  I consider every one of us to be in service to every one else on this human path.

It makes life so much easier actually.  I don’t have to stop and consider whether or not some one else is worthy of my attention.  Every one is worthy and deserves my loving expressions.  Wouldn’t you agree?