Stop Focusing on Problems: Seek Solutions Instead.

Others watch how we behave.  Does it match what we say? Or are we making problems bigger than they are?

Alcoholics Anonymous suggests that attraction to their program is more effective than promotion of it.  The same holds true for behavior in relationships, doesn’t it?  Telling others what they should do in regard to a problem will never be as effective as saying what has worked for us, or showing by our actions what is working now.

We can’t change others.  Ever.  We can’t control opinions, behaviors, how others perceive their problems or their dreams.  We can only live our own lives honestly, lovingly, openly and hope that stands for some thing.  Being the best example we can be of a peace-filled loving person is a great assignment for every one of us on a daily basis.

And being that person feels so good regardless of how many others even take notice.