Detachment is stepping back from an experience in order to allow room for God

to do his part.

I seldom remember, without some prodding that I initially resist, that God is a factor

in every person’s experience.  My ego’s first inclination is to think I am a necessary fac-

tor.  And not just an ordinary one but the deciding one.  Giving up control and letting

God be the key influence in the lives of my loved ones is not easy.  It takes trust.  Not

only trust in God but trust in others and in my own willingness to approach my experi-

ences with all of them differently.

The benefit of coming to believe that God is the key factor in every one’s life is that it

releases us of a heavy burden.  Too many of us have tried to manage the lives of too

many others for far too long.  No one gains in that scenario.  On the contrary, every one

loses the peace that comes with turning our lives over to the care and guidance of a lov-

ing God.

Keeping a mental note of all of the times I step away from an experience that

isn’t mine to control will fill me with a sense of empowerment.  What a great op-

portunity this will be today.