Detachment is letting the solutions be determined by God.

Solutions are seldom simple.  Perhaps that’s because they generally involve other

people too.  When any one of us is certain we have the best solution for any problem or

situation confronting us, we have quite naturally chosen one that benefits us, or our

loved ones.  There’s nothing wrong with that stance.   However, it may not be the best

solution for all of the people who are being affected by the situation.  That’s when back-

ing off, and letting God be a participant in every decision and the resulting outcome, of-

fers us peace of mind and the most beneficial solution for all.

If only we could remember that God is the willing participant, we might call him the

trouble-shooter, in fact, for every situation we encounter.  We don’t ever have to figure

any thing out alone.  God would prefer otherwise, in fact. We need not ever make plans

without consultation with the One who always knows the best direction to take.  God is

like having a Garmin GPS at our constant disposal.  He will, without fail, get us to our

right destination.  Always.  And we can enjoy peace of mind.  Always.

Giving detachment a chance today will be like getting a paid vacation.  We

don’t need to attend to situations that belong to others, and we can let God be

part of every one of them that does involve us.  What relief we will feel.