I was at a wonderful meeting this morning.  We talked about God’s will and life’s purpose.  The sharings were intimate, as they always are in a setting like that.  And the messages were clear and heart-felt.  If there had been a new-comer present, he would have heard that God’s will is loving thought.  In other words, if you want to align yourself with God’s will, as we are asked to do in twelve step groups, be a constant expression of love to the others on your path.

I believe this to be true, so completely.  I also believe that if it feels hard to express something loving, just make the decision to refrain from expressing an unloving thought or action.  Mother Teresa said that we should be kind to everyone, and we should start with the person we are standing next to.  How much more simple can it get?

Perhaps it’s because I have aged and want a peaceful life now, but deciding to remain quiet if I can’t be kind or loving is a pretty easy choice.  And I’m convinced that if everyone made the same choice, even once a day, the world would tilt and become a more peaceful place.  If only. . .