Are you currently trying to make any kind of change in your life?  Perhaps you are trying to commit to an exercise program or take time for daily prayer and meditation.  Maybe making a life style choice about eating healthier foods is at the top of your list of desired changes.  I have made a lot of changes over the years.  I quit drinking nearly 34 years ago.  I followed that with giving up cigarettes just a few months later.  Making a daily practice of prayer and meditation was harder.  I could get the prayer part down.  I learned from reading The Magical Mystical Bear by Mathew Fox that prayer was little more than having a conversation with God.  And I loved talking to God when I went for my walk every day.  I still do.  But meditating takes more discipline, at least for me.

I used to do Transcendental Meditation.  The structure of that form was easy for me.  Now I just try to focus on any phrase that brings a soft feeling to my heart.  It’s not a hard exercise.  Not hard at all.  But setting the time aside, consistently, daily, isn’t all that easy.  If you are having trouble doing something you want to do, let’s consider helping each other.  I will send you vibes of hope and you do the same for me.