Letting yesterday go, whether it was a wonderful day or one that tripped us up, is the only way we can experience the joys that await us today.  This is not an easy transition for many of us.  For decades I lived in the past, feeling sorry for myself and judging everyone for their part in my anguish; or in fear of the future.  When I first heard the slogan: One Day At A Time, I scoffed.  My life was too important to live just for this next 24 hours!  And now I relish this slogan and gather in the peace it offers me every day.

As a little card I picked up at an Al-Anon meeting so many years ago says, “I can do anything for this one day.”  I am so grateful that I need know nothing beyond what is coming my direction today.  And I am so glad that I will always be told, by my Higher Power, what I need to know and what I need to do when the time for knowing and doing is here.  Life is so much more peaceful when I live in this frame of mind.