I just returned from a wonderful experience in Augusta, MO.  I have been facilitating a writers’ workshop at the F.R.E.S.H. Renewal Center for 9 years and each time I think, “How could it ever be better than this?”  Once again, we closed the event on Sunday with tears streaming down our cheeks.  What a glorious group of women and men and the writing was awesome.

I know that’s an overused term but I can think of no other that describes the level of writing that was done.  I know I needed to be there, and it gives me such relief to know that I am always where I need to be, moment by moment.  God leads and I follow.  That makes life so much easier if I don’t argue, I don’t take charge, I don’t resist.

I have dodged a lot of buses with God’s help and I will keep dodging those buses if I allow his guidance to be in charge.  And now it’s on to the next leg of the journey.  Isn’t it thrilling to know that life is a journey and the destinations along the way have been “mapquested” already.  We simply have to pause at each stop and breathe in the experience, thanking those who are journeying with us for their part in our evolution.