The Miracle of Sponsorship

My more than three decades on this spiritual path have convinced me there is a mystical element in sponsorship.  Sponsoring someone means to guide them, to offer one’s experience, strength and hope, and to be available to simply listen when there is a need.   And the result is that two people get better, a great deal better, not just the one who is seeking the guidance.  Indeed, what we give away does come back to us ten-fold.

Let’s back up a bit, however.  Why are we even interested in exploring this topic of sponsorship?  I think it’s because we know, quite selfishly in fact, that if we aren’t there for one another as guides, as friends, as way-showers; the program of recovery as we know it will cease to exist.  As sponsors we are the “glue” that holds the fellowship together every bit as much as the act of sponsoring holds our own individual lives together.  Another crucial aspect of sponsorship is that we are not only teaching others what has worked for us, we are teaching them how to be sponsors too,and in the process, relearning, ourselves, the importance of what we are saying to them. The circle of healing and help is unbroken only when each one of us shows up to do our part.

I have always found it curious just how perfect a sponsee’s timing is.  She calls for help with an issue that has been rearing its ugly head in my life again too.  Together we can discuss what needs to be done by both of us.  Or if the issue hasn’t already tripped me up, it soon will and I will be able to draw on what I just shared with her, as well as learned from her.  Sponsorship is not a one-way avenue.  It’s a two lane highway and we meet ourselves both coming and going, not coincidentally, either.