Perhaps you have heard this wise phrase: “our job is the effort, not the outcome.” How often do we embrace it fully? Generally, we want to “secure” the result that we have imagined is the perfect one. And to do this, we assume we have to shepherd the project or the situation, or the person, down the path that leads to our definition of the “natural conclusion.”

But the correct conclusion, God’s will, might not even resemble our will. That’s not an easy adjustment to make in our thinking.  Hindsight is so revealing. For just a moment, recall a situation in your past that you were determined to control, but the outcome was simply not what you had envisioned. Can you see how much better God’s outcome was?

In my life, had I managed to make happen many of my “educated” choices, I’d not be alive to write this blog. Thank goodness God had a far better outcome for me than my own plan. Now I know, even though I am still inclined to forget, that doing “my part,” and then letting go of the rest, will insure, at the very least, my peace of mind. I like that feeling.

Detaching from outcomes, those that apply to us and those that apply to the actions of others, is the surest way to a peaceful day. Trying is believing.