I did another You Tube recently.  And like the last time, I  waited with trepidation to see if I could get it uploaded properly.  After a few attempts, I did.  I’d love it if you tuned in.  Google You tube: Another Visit With Author Karen Casey.  It should pop right up.  It’s not perfect and I do plan more of them.  They will get better.  I promise.  But I am loving the experience and I am not hung up on the fact that they aren’t perfect.

It has been suggested to me that perhaps they should be more professionally done.  However, I am who I am.  A work in progress.  That’s what I write about and talk about so often in workshops.  We are on a learning curve, all of us, and allowing others to see us while “we’re on the curve,” is helpful I think.  We each need to know, and celebrate,  that our lives serve as examples to one another.

I am happy to let you experience my flaws, right along with me.  That’s where one’s Higher Power comes in. We each are exactly where we are needed at this very moment.  Isn’t that a wonderful idea to treasure?  Look around you right now.  Where ever you are, you need to be.  Who ever you see, you need to see.  And may you be the one who smiles first!