I just returned from a wonderful week end retreat in Nags Head, North Carolina, with 160 fabulous women.  I led the group through a series of presentations on a journey for creating more hope in our lives.  And true to form, my own level of hope for making the changes, creating the possibilities for further enlightenment that I desire, materialized. What we give away does come back to us, ten-fold.  And what we share with others we generally need to be reminded of ourselves.

This is an axiom that has rung true in my life ever since introduced to it in the rooms of recovery three and a half decades ago.  We have all been privy to the idea that every thing we ever needed to know we learned in kindergarten.  Perhaps that’s true, in fact.  However, I never went to kindergarten but I can say, without a moment’s hesitation, that every thing I need to know to make my life work on a daily basis today, I learned in the rooms of recovery.  My blueprint for living was outlined in the Steps of the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.  With the help of those steps, and the program slogans too, there will never be a situation confronting me that I can’t handle.

I trust the wisdom of this implicitly.   If you are unfamiliar with these steps or slogans, google “the twelve steps of alcoholics anonymous” and see, for yourself, how accessible their wisdom is.  Problems of any kind can become a thing of the past.