My life has grown simpler by believing that whom ever I meet, wherever I am drawn to be, is part of the divine plan for my life.  This idea is offering me comfort as I write this because I am struggling to embrace the news that a lovely woman, who has been coming to a writers’ workshop that I have offered for the last nine years in MO, died on Sunday.

I was most recently with her in September and she had grown so much.  She was full of smiles and hope for so many areas of her life.  She had come a long way from her first appearance at this workshop.  And her journey through this life had been arduous.

My first response was the proverbial “why was she taken now?”  While it’s true, Shelia was on a better trajectory than she had been, we simply can’t know, for her or for any of us, the ultimate twists and turns that await us.  All we can know is that we are not alone in this life or any of the transitions any of us will make as we move into what is next for us.

Having doubt is normal.  Most of us share in that, perhaps many times a day, in fact.  But the journey continues and we will get to the next, right stopping place, aided by the Presence who also aided Shelia.

She will be missed by all of us.  And we will share many stories of her between now and when the group reassembles next September.  Carrying the memory of one who touches us is a great blessing to her, to us and to the entire human community.  We talked about the “hovering angels,” at that workshop.  I believe they are always close at hand.  She has now become one for all of us.  What a blessing.