Last evening a number of us listened to the talk Bill Wilson gave the very evening of Dr. Bob Smith’s death.  We sat mesmerized.  Very recently I had seen the play of Bill and Dr. Bob at The Illusion theater in Minneapolis, and it was powerful, indeed.  But hearing Bill, in his own voice, talk about the two of them and how they came together and struggled to get man number three “on-board” was awe inspiring.  And now we number in the millions.

I have heard we exceed twenty million worldwide.  I don’t know if that’s true but what I do know, what we all know who are part of this particular journey, is that a “presence” helped in the process or these two men could not have stayed sober themselves, let alone serve as the beacon for millions more.

Bill was self-deprecating in the talk.  Soft and so grateful for Bob’s friendship and wisdom.  He assured his audience that without Dr. Bob, there wouldn’t have been the organization that is helping millions of us today. He was also quite sure that without Dr. Bob, he couldn’t have stayed sober either.

We do need each other.  Just as much today, perhaps even more, in fact, since addiction has so many co-occurring conditions.  Carrying the message, just as the two of them carried it, is the assignment.  It’s been my feeling for years that our message isn’t limited to just the alcoholic or other addict.  We represent a message of hope that every man and woman alive can be helped by.  Our job is to say yes. There is another way. . .