I am constantly asked how I have managed to write so many books.  And my honest response is, I don’t know.  I feel called to do what I am doing. I think the same is true for every one who is feeling fulfilled in their work.  And if your work isn’t giving you a sense of well-being, perhaps it’s time to search your mind for that which you do feel a passion for.

This isn’t an easy search for some.  We have all been “stuck” in a line of work at some period of our life.  But I do think our lives have purpose regardless of what we are doing.  It may sound trite but I believe that it’s not what we do that matters as much as how we do what we do.

Are we handing out kindness in every interaction?  Are we smiling at our contemporaries, at work or in the grocery, even if we feel like grumbling?  Are we remembering that there is a Divine order to what is happening in our lives, and the more meaningful work (from our perspective), may be just around the corner.

In the meantime, let’s rejoice that we can make the life of some one else better wherever we are by our attention to them.  There is no time like the present for making a difference.  That’s the most important work for any of us and it’s calling to us right now!