Before sitting down to write this blog today, I read all of the recent comments that have posted and I want to tell you how grateful I am that you are taking the time to read the blog and then the additional time to respond.  Knowing that these words are reaching you is pretty exciting.  I had no idea how this process would work but I love “my end” of it.  Connection, like this, is also the key to healing.

We can’t be healed of any malady in isolation.  But we can and will be healed of our “dis-ease” when we allow ourselves to be touched by others and then pass on that which has reached us.  So it is my hope that you will pass on to someone today any thing that I may write that makes sense to you.  Paying it forward is the name of the game of connection.

Scientists have been saying for decades that we are interconnected entities.  But our self-centered minds choose to see others as separate, not at all like us and worthy of judgment.  Those of us who believe otherwise have big jobs to do.  We need to fill the atmosphere that surrounds all of us with visions of hope, oneness, peace and joy.

It’s not hard to do once we begin the practice of it.  And it is a practice, every bit as much as the perfect golf swing takes practice.  Did Tiger become Tiger in a few weeks?  I think not.  But that’s the joy of this practice, when perceived from another angle.  It means we know what to do every day.  God’s will for us is not a mystery.  Ever.  Let some one, any one, know you are “listening” today.