Have you ever considered how really important to your growth every person you’ve met has been?  Nary a one of them showed up accidentally.  Amazing isn’t it?  I used to believe it was a coincidence when I met some one who felt special to my journey.  Now I know they simply waited for the right time for our paths to intersect.  I love this idea.  It has given me comfort in myriad situations.  I can’t say “all meetings” were easy and gratifying in the moment, but hindsight is such a good teacher.

My past is replete with circumstances and people who ushered me down a new hallway, through a new door, perhaps, or helped to close a door that no longer welcomed me.  Confusion set in many times.  But I was fortunate to have a friend tell me that my journey was divine.  Every step of it.  She said this was true for all of my messengers too.  Her quiet way of sharing convinced me of this.  She so exemplified peace in her life that I never doubted her words.

I occasionally still resisted, initially, what “my messengers” were telling me; I refused to follow in their footsteps some times; but they waited until I changed my mind.  Imagine that.  They waited until I changed my mind.  A lot like God wouldn’t you say?