I have always loved the holidays.  I love the sparkling lights, the decorations, the carols and giving gifts to loved ones to let them know they matter to me.  I have fond memories of how my family celebrated Christmas.  We kids woke up early and hurried downstairs to see the gifts placed under the tree, while my parents sat watching, probably more tired than any thing else, pretending they were seeing what Santa had brought for the very first time.  I usually got at least one thing I hoped for which made the day a success.

That we had no fireplace, thus no chimney for Santa to come down, never troubled me.  Then it was off to grandma’s house, more gifts and many relatives who generally argued over cards about politics before the day was over.  A bit too much alcohol can fuel many unnecessary arguments, and this is a scene that gets played out in millions of families every year.

I added my own unnecessary comments in earlier years, those holidays before I had discovered the freedom from the use of alcohol or others drugs that I now cherish.  There will be lost lives this holiday season, on the highways, in the homes and the bars from people out of control with alcohol use.  But there is another way to live.  This Christmas and every Christmas.

Perhaps you know some one who continues to drink too much.  Seeking the guidance of Al-Anon for yourself and information about Alcoholics Anonymous for him or her is generally no more than a phone call away.  The holidays deserve to be enjoyed by all.  Is there some thing you can do to help some one else before the new year begins?