Happy New Year every one.  I love new beginnings.  Don’t you?  I was at a meeting at noon today and our topic was new beginnings and starting with a clean slate.  To have learned that the past, whether the memories are good or bad, needs to be left behind is empowering and freeing, at the same time.

I used to drag all the baggage I could with me every where.  I was bogged down by it and never managed to glean the message that was trying to get my attention in the moment.

My life is much simpler now and my experience of peace is so much greater since having learned that this minute that stands before me is all there is and it is clean of the past, that is, unless I smudge it up with memories that ought to be discarded.

My husband and I had dinner with friends last night and we talked about the inevitable: new year’s resolutions.  As I considered mine, I was surprised and pleased to announce that I intended to do more of what I was currently doing.  I am content with my life.  I love the writing I do.  And the workshops and lectures.  I have a list of topics I want to turn into books over the next few years and I will quite likely complete one of them this year.  I expect I will meet many people who will affect my life in important ways throughout 2010.  And I am intent on bringing my best self into every encounter.

I can only count on doing these things, of course, if I keep myself spiritually fit and fortunately I know how to do that.  What good lives we have if we claim them.  I am delighted that you are a part of my life.  I hope one of your resolutions is that you will occasionally drop a comment to one of my blogs.

Have a wonderful 2010.  Begin now!