I was in a great conversation with some women friends this morning.  In fact, we talk every morning about the spiritual journey we share.  It’s not only a wonderful way to begin the day but it’s a great opportunity to make a valuable contribution to the world we share with so many others.  Our conversations always center on leaving the world a more peaceful place than we may have found it upon first arising.  This morning our discussion boiled down to doing no harm, even for a minute, when in an encounter with a friend or a stranger.

Making the decision to live “from this mindset” guarantees a peaceful unfolding of the day.  It also is a great gift we are offering to every one else too.  Deciding how to interpret some one else’s actions so we can calibrate our own can be dispensed with.  Interpreting what others are thinking or even saying isn’t the job we are here to do.  Our job is to respond to those who have “been sent to us” with love and acceptance.

Little by little, action by action, thought by thought; each one of us can become the better self we are meant to be and in the process, we model for others what their better self could look like too.  When enough of us become “peaceful warriors,” the world will change.