I was at a wonderful twelve step meeting Tuesday night.  It’s a closed discussion meeting and whatever the topic, it always elicits great comments and personal exploration; but Tuesday’s meeting was particularly special because a man, likely in his early 50’s, had shown up for his very first meeting.  And this gave all of us pause to reflect on our own story of what it was like as compared to what it’s like now.  He seemed to listen intently.  He seemed grateful for our messages, but I have learned, we all have learned, that we share to keep ourselves moving along this path of healing.  We can hope the newcomer gets “it,” but we know if we want to “keep it” we must give away that which we have so lovingly learned from others.

I love reflecting on my journey.  It’s a miracle I survived the many dark alleys I blindly ran down on my way “here.”  I am convinced, without a doubt in my heart, that my higher power always had a greater plan for me than the one I was intently trying to manifest.  And I tell others the same is true for them every chance I get.  We are lucky beyond measure.  But to continue experiencing “the luck” we must keep showing up for others and sharing the experience, the strength and hope that others have passed on to us.  It’s really a great “career.”