As I said in my last post, I have been trying to manage the schedule of many others so that my impending hip replacement could be done at a time that benefits me.  I succeeded.  God did get his will in line with mine.  Of course, I am making a joke here.  But it did happen smoothly once I got myself out of the way.

While it’s true I did have a window of time that worked best for me because of the many workshops I already have scheduled, I knew that I had no real control over the chosen date.  I could accept or refuse whatever date the surgeon offered, but I couldn’t make his schedule fit mine.  Letting go and letting God play his role did offer me relief and ultimately the date I had hoped for.

So February 11th will find me in the hospital undergoing the knife or saw, whatever they use to get the bad hip socket out and replace it with a new one.  I have had this surgery before on the other hip a decade ago so I know the drill.  It’s not a tough surgery.  However, the rehab takes commitment and patience.  I can handle that.  In the meantime, it’s life as usual.  Prayer, meetings, meditation and service to others.  God’s will is loving action, I think.  I can do that, one day at a time.  We all can.  And if we all did, the world would shift.