It’s said that football is the great national pastime.  For sure, it’s a good excuse for parties, for waging bets, for eating chips and chili.  Many who don’t much like the game gather in the living rooms of friends any way.  Being part of a group feels good to most of us.  And many of us lived outside “the group” for far too many years.

I can well remember the early decades of my life when I stood outside the circle, hoping to be invited in and then when I was, I felt conspicuous and insecure.  I simple didn’t feel comfortable any where.  How good the passage of time has been for me.  How good recovery has been for me too.  I feel comfortable, now, in every setting.  I have learned from the very wise I walk among that any group I am drawn into has a special lesson or two for me to learn.

I have grown accustomed to the fact that no one is on my path accidentally.  And all conversations that include me are a like a form of music to my ears and I have a special verse to sing that’s necessary for the completion of the song.   Life is full of mystery and yet it’s pre-orchestrated, a conundrum for sure.

That’s really the joy of the experience for all of us, isn’t it?  We are where we need to be  but seldom did we realize where we were headed until we got there.  How glad I am that my destination, for now, is here on this recovery path doing the work I currently do.  It wasn’t on my radar screen a few decades ago but it’s where I belong.  I wake up every day certain of this.