I am on the uphill curve right now.  I am using a cane to get around and after only 9 days.  I am amazed at the body’s ability to heal itself.  Of course, I have worked hard too.  I never fail to do all of the exercises.  It’s a lot like early recovery.  Do what’s suggested to the best of one’s ability and the results will amaze you.

My  physical therapist is a lovely young woman who on her first visit noticed my ACIM book on the table.  As it turns out, she too is a “student” and wants to come to our study group when she has completed another class that she is in.  What a small world.  I know it’s not an accident that she was the pt assigned to my case.  That’s the beauty of our path.  There are no accidents.  The sooner we can get comfortable with that “fact,” the smoother our lives will be.

Acceptance of what is is the answer to all of our upsets.  What a lovely understanding and it’s a bit of wisdom that is shared by so many paths of enlightenment.  I wake up daily being glad that I was selected for the life that I have, a life that includes all of you and the many throughout the world who have discovered my books in one way or another.  All I had to do was succumb to addiction and then the accompanying recovery that was offered to find all of you.  How blessed I am.  I hope you all are feeling blessed too, today.  You have been selected by the God of your understanding for the trip you are making.  Be sure to appreciate all of the sights along the way.