I went to the fitness center today and walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill for the first time since my surgery which was a mere 2 weeks ago today.  I continue to be astounded by the progress I have made.  The initial recovery from the replacement I had 10 years ago was 3 months long, and even then I wasn’t without pain.  And for a full year, I was tentative with my movements.  Some have suggested it’s due to my own commitment to fitness but I was committed to a work out schedule then too.  Perhaps the big difference is due to better products.  All I know is that I am walking without pain, without a cane and driving too.  If you ever want a recommendation for a surgeon while in Naples, ask me.  I know just the person.

I am so grateful to all of the people who have sent cards, flowers and prayers my way.  I know every expression had an impact on my acceptance of the situation and my peace of mind.  Having lived on this spiritual path for nearly 35 years has allowed me hundreds of opportunities to reap the benefits of the angels in skins that readily come to us, in the silence or through a note,  when we need them.  And I also believe in the angels we can not see but can only feel.  They are always hovering.  They are on assignment, I think.

Do you think about the afterlife very often?  I am not a dweller on it but I do have fond expectations about it.  I think we continue to have a purpose.  That “our work here” is only part of what one’s Higher Power is expecting us to do and I think that’s deeply exciting.  I love knowing that every new day is waiting for me to bring my joy and my peace of mind to the people and the situations that God has sent my way.  This is his will for me and I gladly agree to it.  How do you feel upon arising every day?  I you willing to say “yes.”