I participate in two telephone conference calls every morning, both of them related to my spiritual journey.  And in both calls, there are participants who have been part of my recovery journey for all 35 years.  That’s amazing to me.  It’s not that I don’t still have loving friends from high school and college who I see or talk to on occasion, but these particular “phone buddies” know me in the most intimate of ways.  As I know them.  And we are committed to loving and cherishing each other’s heart while walking, side by side through the brambles of life.  Nothing is too difficult to handle when we have others who are willing to shoulder the load with us.

I have talked in earlier blogs about the “angels on assignment” to us, the ones wearing skin and those who are looking on from the other side.  It’s so important to pay homage to all of them.  We simply couldn’t do life alone.  Nor are we expected to.  On the contrary, our connections with others, those special moments of joining that we experience, are the holy instants of our lives, and it’s in those fleeting instants that God is so very present.  Remember, when ever two or more are gathered. . .  Taking the time to appreciate every encounter we have throughout the day is the best way to say thank you to the god of our understanding for the blessings bestowed on us.  They are many.