At a gathering last night we were discussing how emotionally wounded most of us had been at some point on our journey.  This led to the realization that most “sufferers” have experienced their woundedness within a very intimate relationship.  For some the wound is unhealed.  For others, seeing it from a new perspective offered hope.

Many of the wise among us (Caroline Myss comes to mind) say all relationships are quite intentional in fact, which implies that the wounds might well be intentional too.  This may seem like a far-fetched idea.  It certainly was to me when I was initially introduced to it a few decades ago.  But the more I have considered its likelihood over the years, the greater has been my ease with the concept.  I have even come to hold dear the idea that only the intentional occurs.  Too many experiences simply couldn’t be understood, absorbed, or explained if this were not so.  And every experience I have had in these first seven decades has lent a vibrancy to the tapestry that is my life.

The way I spend my days, the work I do, (and have done), the people I know and cherish are all so perfect for the woman I know I was meant to be.  And because I know this deep in my bones, I can comfortably tell others the same is true for them as well.

Our evolution is unmistakably perfect.  Believing this allows every tomorrow to be inviting, full of promise and adventure.  I am so glad I no longer live in dread and confusion.  How about you?