Wouldn’t it be interesting if the entire country found something in the new law to make them happy?  I have thought a lot about this reform lately.  Considering all the discussion on cable news, it’s been hard to avoid thinking about it.  I can’t say that I understand the myriad details, nor can I speak for it’s long term impact; but I do think waiting a while to see how it helps those less fortunate among us is wise.

Some say we aren’t our brothers’ keepers.  I say we are.  Lending a helping hand where ever we can is doing God’s work, after all.  I don’t mean to turn this into a religious tract, nor do I think the reform is meant as such either; but helping the least among us is the right thing to do.

Leaving health care reform aside for a moment, just consider the many opportunities every day you have to smile at a stranger, that you ignore.  Or to hold the door open for one older than you.  Or not rudely hang up on a caller who has a wrong number.  Or saying a silent prayer for a friend or stranger that you have gleaned is in trouble.

There are so many ways to help others that cost nothing but a moment of our time.  I think we can lump all of these opportunities, and health care too, into one basket.  There’s the right thing to do and the wrong.

When (and if) we ask the God of our understanding for guidance, I think we know the response we’d get.  Reach out to others in all ways that make this world better for each of us.  In the long run, what helps one, helps all.  Are you prepared to do your part today?  I am.