I heard an interesting talk last night by a man who works in a treatment setting as a spiritual adviser.  In that role he helps men and women learn the art of meditation.  I so appreciated the message because of its simplicity.  He said, and I paraphrase, meditation is the simple act of being fully present in the moment to whatever is before you, be it a person, a sunset or a poem.   I think for many of us meditation feels elusive.  His explanation opens the door to all of us to see it in a new, refreshing way, one that we can practice with our eyes open.  Really open!

I love his explanation because it invites greater attention to those special experiences we are constantly having with each other.  As I have said in so many books and blogs and workshops, our meetings with one another are not accidental, ever.  We are constantly “teaching and learning”  from one another.  But we can’t do either Holy if we aren’t present to the moment’s rhythms.  Some have said that every encounter is a Holy encounter.  I couldn’t agree more. Looking at each person with hearts and eyes wide open allows us to see  beneath the exterior and that’s where real communication occurs.

My husband and I took great pleasure in talking about our interpretation of what we heard from last night’s speaker and that’s the sign of a good talk – when the talk continues long after the presentation has ended.  I loved the reminder his talk gave me that when I sit and write, whether it’s a section of a new book, a blog or an outline for a workshop, I am experiencing a form of meditation.  I close out the world around me when I sit here and write.  My heart opens to the words and they tumble forth.  Amazing.  Thanks be to God.