I became “a student” of A Course in Miracles more than twenty-five years ago.  Along with the twelve steps, which I laid claim to in 1975, my life is quite peacefully guided every moment of the day if I adhere to the principles each offers as the blueprint for contentment.  Alas, if only I’d adhere to the principles.  They are quite simple, really.  Live and let live.  One day at a time.  Let go and let God.  Seek forgiveness for the times we have injured others.  Pray and meditate as if our lives depended on it.  Claim our powerlessness over others and be grateful for it.  Recognize that all expressions, words or deeds, are reflecting love or fear.  There are no coincidences.  We do meet who we need to meet.  Every relationship can be holy and peaceful if we invite God into it.  Any one’s attack is their cry for healing. And there are two voices in our minds: one is loud and always wrong.  It’s the ego.  The other is soft and peace-filled.  It is always right.  It’s God’s voice. Which we listen to is our choice.

Even after all these years walking the path, I choose the wrong voice at least once daily.  Some days many more times than once.  But there is always another choice that can be made.  There is no shame, at least no lasting shame, in making the wrong choice.  It simply means we live less peacefully for that moment or that hour or that day.  With each breath a new opportunity presents itself.

Having a spiritual set of guidelines is so important.  It offers such comfort.  It eliminates the angst that can so quickly come over a person when faced with a dilemma.  One need not choose the path I have chosen but finding something to believe in that comforts you is a search so worth making.  If you haven’t found your “blueprint” yet, I wish you good hunting.