I sit here amazed that it’s been nearly two weeks since I blogged last.  Where does time go?  I love to write and I love doing this blog but I have obviously let “life” get in my way.  Some times we enjoy the quick passage of time; the dreaded dentist appointment, for instance, if we are facing some work we really don’t want to suffer through.  Having it over more quickly than anticipated is a blessing.

But the broken heart will not mend very quickly, no matter how we approach it.  The pain will pass, however.  If we are willing to seek the counsel of others who have walked a similar path already, we will not only get relief but words of encouragement that are guaranteed to soften the blow and heal the wound.   I haven’t had a broken heart for many years but I have experienced periods of darkness. Why they come is any one’s guess; but we can be certain that every one of us will find ourselves in a shadowy place once in a while.

It occurs to me that mine come upon me when I have forgotten to acknowledge the God of my understanding along with the “hovering angels” I believe are personally assigned to each one of us.  I wouldn’t have believed in either of these concepts prior to coming into the recovery rooms and now both ideas sustain me daily if I call on them to.  Life can be so much brighter, so much easier if we allow the “helpers” to guide us on our journey.  Why would we ever choose otherwise?  Indeed, why would we.