My winter sojourn in Naples, Florida has come to an end.  My husband and I head to Minnesota today, with a stop in Tampa for me to do the Hazelden Womens Healing Conference, a program that Hazelden has been offering in various locations around the country for fifteen years.  It’s really a wonderful program and CEU credits are awarded for attendance.  It’s always a two day program, a Friday and a Saturday.  Check my web site (www.womens-spirituality. com) or the Hazelden web site: for dates and locations.

It’s always with mixed feelings that I prepare for this trip.  I have such wonderful friends here in Naples and I love all the local 12 step meetings.  I’m a regular at AA and Al-Anon five times a week and my life is blessed as a result.  The good news is that I have just as many wonderful meetings and friends awaiting me when I get to Minneapolis.  Those of us who are making this particular journey are the luckiest people alive, I believe.  We are among friends where ever we go.  All we have to do is make the effort to find where “the friends” are.

I have a busy summer ahead of me.  A new book is under way, five fall workshops need to be planned (see my web site for more information) and I have a few trips with my husband thrown in for good measure.  We are flying his small Piper Pacer to San Antonio over the 4th of July for the 75th International AA Convention.  If you have never been to an AA International, it’s an awesome experience.  Simply remembering the two men who made this journey possible for millions of us gives me goose bumps.

So it’s time to close this blog now, throw my computer in the waiting car and say I’ll talk to you again from Minnesota.  Have a safe few days until we “meet” again.  And if ever in doubt about what to do when confronted by a situation, simply ask:  “What would my Higher Power choose for me to do in this situation?”  And then do it.  Blessings on your house.