I have thought a lot about the sacrifices that so many men and women make in service to this country.  And men and women have been making these sacrifices for this country since the revolutionary war.  If we were to tabulate the number of those who have died, it would be in the millions.  And if we added to that number those who had been gravely maimed, coupled with the emotional toll on their family members, the number would be in the tens of millions.  Giving a moment of silent prayer and thanks to all of those men and women and their families seems like such a lame offering, but it does help.  Any time any one of us stops, for even a second, to say a prayer of thanksgiving for the effort of some one else, all humankind benefits.

Because it’s memorial day we are specifically remembering the men and women of the military and their families, but I think giving a prayer of thanks to all people, worldwide, who are working on behalf of peace throughout this world we share is of significance.  There are myriad ways to serve.  Programs that are focused on feeding the poor around the world is one.  Participating in the Peace Corp or other programs like that makes a huge difference in the lives of the underserved.  Making donations to one of many microeconomic programs that are springing up in many regions of the world is another worthy way to contribute to peace throughout the world.  I mentioned Homeboys Industries in LA in an earlier blog.  Check their work out on google.  What service they are doing!

We are one another’s keepers, I think, and when we remember that what we do to or for others, we are doing to or for ourselves as well; it gives us reason to pause.  Perhaps on this particular day we should each make the decision to do some thing worthy on behalf of some one else every day for the next 7 days and see how we are changed by week’s end.  If we all did this, if we all “paid forward a kindness,” the world would eventually reflect the change that has registered in each one of us.  Let’s be the change we want to see in the world around us.  Start now.