I am feeling so very grateful presently because a very dear friend got a good report from her doctor this morning.  We all love her so much and have been walking through this illness with her, as much as we can, but you can never quite prepare yourself for the news, particularly if it isn’t good.  We are all breathing a big sigh of relief, as is she and her family, of course.  But the real lesson here is being able to accept what ever the news might have been.  That’s not so easy. Practicing acceptance, followed by creating a gratitude list on the spot, are two significant actions we can take on a daily basis. Either of them helps us move forward but both of them together promises a leap forward in our level of peace.

It’s not easy to turn our lives over to the care of a Higher Power but it’s possible if we apply a bit of willingness.  It’s that very act of surrendering that allows us to know that God is part of every equation and will walk us through every experience.  One of the significant things about my friend’s experience was that she allowed so many of us to join her  circle of healing too.  She never felt alone and we always felt a part of her healing.  That’s how it should always be for any one facing any thing.

As  I’ve said so many times in so many of my writings, here and elsewhere, our companions have not “accidentally” wandered on to our path.  They were sent. We have an “arrangement” that is beneficial to each of us.  Knowing that makes it easier to invite in to our circle the people who have come.  It also makes it easier to accept the circumstances that have come with them.  Does this mean that when illness strikes, it’s part of God’s equation too?  I am not privy to God’s will in this instance and have chosen to not believe that God visits pain or illness on any one.  But I do believe that his loving presence is always available to us to walk us through whatever is “visiting” us.  And I do believe that the people who are part of the circle are there to serve as angels in skin, as God’s emmisaries throughout the experience.

Being grateful for this belief has made my journey on this planet peaceful, sensible and ever so exciting.  I hope yours feels the same way too.