The first time I heard that the definition of insanity was repeating the same behavior, over and over again, expecting different results; I knew my name had been called.  I simply had never known I could make an entirely new choice in how I interpreted what others were doing or saying.  Nor did I understand that I could choose a decidedly different response to the data presented to me.  My learning curve was steep, I must say.  How lucky I feel that my journey was to include the 12 step path.

It’s nice to be able to acknowledge that I have grown with the help of thousands of 12 step meetings over the last 35 years.  Thank goodness I have grown.  But the work is never done. And I actually cherish the idea that the work is never done.  Were it ever done, many of us would quit showing up to help others on this journey that saved our lives.  Giving back that which we “acquired” from others is what keeps the insanity at bay.

There are so many simple tools I have learned in the “rooms” that have changed my understanding about the possibilities for seeing life and the many people encountered in a new way; thus responding in a new way too.  Learning, as I have, that anger is always masking fear has allowed me to look at so many others differently.  Learning, as I have, that the expression of love is always the pathway to peace has changed my life immeasurably.   Learning, as I have, that doing an inventory of my past and making restitution where and when appropriate, removes the barriers that keep us isolated.  The list goes on.  And on.  The tools are simple but the changes in one’s life, if the tools are used, are profound.

I am committed to continuing on this path because I want sanity.  I want peace.  I want connection with others.  And I want to be the best example for change that I can be.  Are you content with the example you are setting?

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